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Red Glazed Heart Cupcakes

These are cupcakes I made using a basic vanilla cupcake recipe with some chocolate chips added to the mixture. I put the mixture into a silicone heart cupcake tray. I lightly greased the silicone before I put the mixture in. When the cupcakes were cool I removed them from the tray and cut them all in half. I spread Strawberry jam inside the cupcakes and then placed the top back on. I took a tube of ready made pink and red icing and made and edge on each cupcake. You could also make your own butter cream or fresh whipped cream and edge the cakes. I the took a packet of jelly glaze. I bought mine at the supermarket. They advertise it to glaze fruit flans. I made up the jelly and put a large spoonful on to each cupcake. This glaze sets immediately. I really like the shine on the cupcakes.
These heart cupcakes could have fresh raspberries and slices of fresh strawberry on the top and then have the red glaze. I think they are very attractive to look at. They could also have fresh fruit inside and fresh cream in all types of combinations. Raspberry jam or cherry jam would also be a good alternative. I have also seen lots of pomegranates in the shops so perhaps they could also be used as an attractive fruit for valentines cupcakes.
It is not long to Valentines so happy baking and thanks for reading. Any comments and questions are welcome. If you try out any of my ideas I would love to see your variations.

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Heart Cupcakes

These cupcakes I made using a silicone cupcake baking tray which has six heart shaped spaces for cupcakes. I got mine very cheaply from Tesco in the UK. I placed the usual cupcake cases in the spaces and pressed them to fit the heart shapes. I made a favourite cupcake mixture recipe and when cool topped off with pink icing, red hearts made from ready made icing paste and I added some silver balls etc. I like the heart shape, it goes well with the heart cupcakes cases bought specially for Valentines.

Thanks for reading and check out the labels , links and shop for more ideas. Thanks for reading

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Love Heart Cupcakes

I decided to make some cupcakes and get some ideas going for St Valentine's Day on February 14th. These love heart cupcakes for Valentines Day are a basic vanilla cupcake mix with some vanilla pod seeds added for a good flavour. I baked them in MINI CUPCAKE cases, so they only stayed in the oven about 6 minutes. I topped off the cupcakes when they were cool with a swirl of icing. I used icing sugar mixed with water and a dash of pink coloring added to the mix. Before they dried I added a love heart sweet to each cake . I got the sweets from my local supermarket and here in the UK the local news agents usually sell them. My friends at the hairdressers who got these said just how cute they looked. Mini cupcakes give a mouthful of flavour without piling on those unwanted calories so good for all of us watching our waist lines and on a calorie controlled diet.
Thanks for reading Crazycupcakes.
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Valentines Cupcakes

Valentines Day is the next big thing in the year of cupcake recipes and cupcake decoration. So to make a start I have designed some products on the cafe press site that use some pictures of my cupcakes. The cupcakes look good on the bear, T-shirts and cards for St Valentines Day.

This is the link to the site http://www.cafepress.com/stvalentinesday

Thanks for reading. Crazycupcakes



Valentine's Day Fruit Platter

This is a simple fruit platter for Valentines day. Use a cupcake and decorate the plate with Fruit Kebabs. I used strawberries and grapes, but use the fresh fruits that you like. Blueberries, raspberries, slices of fresh pineapple and any fruits that will cut into small pieces but do not go brown. Apples tend to go brown unless tossed in lemon juice. I then added valentines hearts made from ready to roll icing and a heart cutter. I added chocolates to the plate. Keep it simple or add tastes of all things that you like. It is a good recipe for Valentines Day and refreshing to taste.
Check out the ARCHIVES for lots more ideas
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Valentines Cupcakes for Two

These plates are designed to share on St Valentines. These are quick cupcakes recipes for Valentines and can be made in a short time.

I took two cupcakes. I usually have some in the freezer. It is a good idea so that you can take them out and by the time it is decorated they will be defrosted. If you want to make some cakes check out the ARCHIVES for lots of CUPCAKE RECIPES,

I added chocolate drops to the cupcakes. You could make them stick by adding some melted apricot jam, some cream cheese or some butter cream. I made some hearts from ready to roll icing and a small heart shaped cutter. I added some fresh fruit cocktail kebabs and if you dust off with some white icing sugar or cocoa it gives a good finishing touch


Valentines Candle Cupcake Platter

Why not create two plates with a chocolate cupcake and fresh fruit. Take two heart shaped candles or some other small red candles to illuminate the plate and serve at the end of your Valentines Day meal.

Use some of the cupcakes recipes in the Archives such as chocolate, lemon and orange.


Valentines Cupcakes with Strawberries

These are a cupcake recipe for Valentines Day with fresh fruits.

These cupcakes can be chocolate or ginger recipe. They are for those of us who prefer the flavours of fresh fruit to frostings. I prepared some fresh fruit, strawberries and grapes. The strawberries are like fresh fruit hearts just perfect for Valentines Day. These would be the perfect end to a meal for two.

You could add some fresh cream, natural yogurt, vanilla ice cream or creme fraiche to the platter. A coulis of strawberry or raspberries would be delicious to top this off. Presentation is key to this. Prepare all ingredients and then I start in the centre and work outwards creating symmetry. Leave spaces for the creams to add just before serving. I used rosemary leaves and fresh flowers from the garden.

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Chocolate Hearts Valentines Cupcakes

These St Valentine's Cupcakes are from the basic cupcake recipe with a teaspoon of mixed spice,chopped dates, cherries and sultanas added to the mixture. They were made in Valentines Hearts cupcake cases which add to the decoration of the cupcakes. I topped each cake with pink icing and then each one had a chocolate heart placed on top. I found the chocolate hearts in a local store. They are made of light and dark chocolate. I dusted the cupcakes off with icing sugar to give a frosted effect. These cupcakes give a good chocolate experience and a delicious cupcake sponge. Have a search in local shops and supermarkets to see what you can find for your Valentine's cupcakes.
Remember to check out the Archives for more recipes and ways to decorate cupcakes.
Click on the Labels below for more ideas and recipes, the labels will take you to different posts on that topic of cupcakes, Check out the cupcake store. Enjoy and tell me if you use any of these ideas or want to suggest things I might tryout. Crazycupcakes.

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I found these heart shaped candles in Manchester in a department store called Selfridges. It has lots of goodies for St Valentines.
I took a mixed spice and fruit cupcake recipe. This was the basic cupcake recipe with dates, glace cherries and sultanas added to the mixture. I then put a thin layer of apricot jam on the top and added fresh raspberries. I topped it off with a candle. For Valentines I will light two candles.
Click on Basic cupcakes recipes in labels to get the recipes at the bottom of the post and click on the others for interesting cupcakes ideas.
Cupcake store has more ideas.

In the Archives there are recipes for delicious chocolate cupcakes and healthy eating ones. Have a browse and please make any comments. What cupcakes should I design next?

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Saint Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day falls on February 14, this year it is on a Wednesday. It is the traditional day on which lovers can show their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards and gifts to each other such as red roses, sweets, chocolates and Valentines Cupcakes usually anonymously. The holiday is named after two men who were both Christian martyrs named Valentine. In the Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished the day became associated with romantic love. The shops in England are now showing displays of Valentines items such as red hearts, roses and all type of gifts in elaborate boxes with hearts and lots of red, white and pink colours.

Why not make some Valentine cupcakes to treat someone you love and make a lovely presentation of them for the day.

I have made these cupcakes as an example of what can be done with some coloured icings, sprinkles, glitter writing icing and coloured hearts cut out of rolled ready made icing using a heart shaped metal cutter.
These cupcakes are the basic recipe plus I added some mixed spice, cherries and sultanas. I bought some cupcake cases with hearts on them. These are cooling down and going to be decorated.

Cupcakes for Love

Cupcakes, Heart in the Pink
Cupcakes with love hearts in red, white and lilac.
Cupcakes for your sweet heart
This is a simple decoration, a swirl of cream and a sweet heart. A simple cupcake recipe and decoration for Valentines Day.
It is thought that in the world one billion Valentine cards are sent, absolutely staggering!